Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Musikwissenschaft

Pascal Staudt

Systematische Musikwissenschaft - "Soziale Interaktion durch Klang-Feedback – Sentire"

KG 5, Raum 106

E-Mail: pascal.staudt [at] hu-berlin [dot] de


Pascal Staudt is a research associate of the project “Social interaction through sound-feedback - Sentire” at the Department of Musicology and Media Studies. He directs the development and evaluation of new iterative versions of the sound-based Body-Machine-Interface Sentire and its underlying sensor technology with a focus on improved usability and user acceptance in clinical and non-clinical contexts.

Pascal studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Munich (B.Sc.), as well as Audio Communication and Technology (M.Sc.) at TU Berlin. Within the context of his master thesis, he developed an embedded version of the PushPull, a new digital musical instrument.

As a researcher, he is primarily interested in sonic interaction design, electroacoustic music, and algorithmic composition. Besides this position, he is active as a creative coder, instrument developer, and sound artist. Moreover, he is a member of the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg.