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Andrew McIntyre: The Infinite Portrait (Vortrag)

  • Wann 15.12.2021 von 18:00 bis 20:00
  • Wo Medientheater, Raum 0.01, Georgenstraße 47, 10117 Berlin Online via Zoom
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While the work of art has been traditionally understood as a purely human product, recent advances in creative machine learning have led to an influx of artworks produced by artificial intelligence (AI) systems that would seem to threaten this long-established belief. Rather than maintain this anthropocentric assumption that seeks to dismiss AI as mere tools in the hands of human artists, a new conception of authorship is necessary to address the post-human nature of contemporary AI art. As an illustrative example, I present the AI art installation Memories of Passersby I (Klingemann, 2018) and discuss its production through the lens of Vilém Flusser’s media theory and philosophy. As a product of a “chaotic” mathematical program, Memories of Passersby I is unpredictable and, to a certain extent, beyond direct human control. Rather than consider the piece a product of human intent or imagination, the ephemeral imagery of Memories of Passersby I may be reconsidered as a visualization of the AI program “at play” as it cycles through the innumerable outputs already accounted for within the capabilities and limitations of the code. To view Memories of Passersby I is, therefore, akin to looking into a “black box” of endless possibilities. It is, however, a meaningless aesthetic experience as the technical image itself symbolises something fundamentally inhuman and thus points toward a deceptive “utopia” of AI-generated culture waiting on the horizon.


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