Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Medienwissenschaft

Angela Maiello: "Digital Participated Mediality and the Problem of Memory"

  • Wann 12.06.2013 von 18:00 bis 20:00
  • Wo Georgenstraße 47, R. 0.01 (Medientheater)
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What kind of documents contemporary mediality produces about our present? What kind of memorial material future generations will have about our times? What impact these new forms of records will have on the construction of a personal, but above all, of a collective memory? The research of Angela Maiello attempts to lay bare the problematics associated with these questions. Moving from the Italian Aesthetics tradition, she will conduct an analysis of what she calls Digital Participated Mediality. Having provided a clarification of these terms,  she will outline some characteristics of today’s medial documents, such as tactilization, new forms of politicization and the subversion of the temporal linear paradigm.

Angela Maiello is a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of Art at the University of Palermo. In her paper, entitled “Digital Interactive Mediality and the Problem of Memory” she will discuss her ongoing research project.