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Dr. Cecilia Taher

Systematische Musikwissenschaft - Audible Temporality (Projekt der Einstein Stiftung Berlin)


KG 5, Raum 108
E-Mail: cecilia.taher[at]

Cecilia Taher is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft and Medienwissenschaft. In the context of the project "Audible Temporality: How Time is Structured in—and through—Music", funded by the Einstein Center Chronoi, she is investigating the ways in which musical repetition can shape the listeners’ experience of time. More broadly, her research interests include the study of the perception of musical form and texture as they unfold in time, and its application and repercussion to music theory, performance, education, and aesthetics.
Cecilia studied Cognitive Music Theory (PhD, McGill University, Canada; Master of Music, University of Arkansas, USA) and Flute Performance (Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Iowa, USA; Master of Music, University of Arkansas, USA; Bachelor of Music, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina). She has taught music in university and elementary-school classrooms and has performed flute as a soloist and as a member of many different ensembles. Convinced that interdisciplinary approaches can contribute to all fields of music, she aspires to combine the experience she has acquired as theorist, researcher, theorist, teacher and performer in order to be able to better share it with her colleagues and students.