Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Medienwissenschaft

Media Archaeological Fundus


Location: in the basement of the Department for Musicology at "Am Kupfergraben 5".

Opening hours: Wednesday 4pm-6pm & on appointment (during semester breaks on appointment only).

Contact Partners: The collection is hosted by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ernst. As well it is curated by Dr. Stefan Höltgen, Thomas Fecker and David Friedrich.

The Media Archaeological Fundus (MAF) is a collection of various electromechanical and mechanical artefacts as they developed throughout time. Its aim is to provide a perspective that may inspire modern thinking about technology and media within its epistemological implications beyond bare historiography. Students, researchers and interested people are welcome to visit but also examine the so called Dead Media technologies.

Abb.: Ines Liszko


Inventory    ➥ Photos & videos



An Interview with Wolfgang Ernst: Archives, Materiality and the "Agency of the Machine".

Wolfgang Ernst: Arsenals of Memory. The Archi(ve)texture of the Museums

"MEDIJSKA ARHEOLOGIJA", Contribution of the Slovenian television about the the Media Archaeological Fundus.