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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Medienwissenschaft

Ernst in ENGLISH

A list of published monographs and articles by as well as video and audio recordings featuring Wolfgang Ernst in english, including reviews of his work, is now available from here in PDF format (updated April 2016): 📄 Wolfgang Ernst [eng] (for a complete list of published articles and books of Wolfgang Ernst in German and in English, click here: 📄 Wolfgang Ernst [ger, eng]).


Talks & Scripts (roughly edited)


➥ Techno-Archive

➥ Computing

➥ Media Archaeology as Science

➥ Operative Media Archaeology

➥ Media Tempor(e)alities

➥ Electronic Voicing

➥ Technical Sono-Poiesis

➥ Technical Imaging


 | Media archaeographic telegrams: notes, excerpts, modules

    (not yet / not anymore for citation)


📄 Media Archaeology

📄 Time-Criticality

📄 Computing

📄 Sonicity

📄 Phonicity

📄 Iconicity

📄 Archives